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Online courses for busy women, just like you, who want to enhance their knowledge, skills and life by jumping into a brand-new topic or expand and reenergise by achieving their dreams and goals!

Each course was created to provide an easy and fun way to experience a new topic, learn a new skill or solve a problem where you need help and support.

Let's do this - together!

Why should I do an online course?

Kay is an experienced online course developer who has been in the online course indusry for over 20 years.

Kay's course are up-to-date, interractive and provide an online learning expereince that will have you wanting more!

Online courses

Kay has a number of online courses ranging from stress management, motivation, and finding balance in your life to conflict resolution and enhancing your communication skills!

If you need help creating your own online course, then Kay can show you how!

Online courses!

About Kay Ross

Hi - my name is Kay Ross and I have been in the education and training industry for many years. Working in the academic sector enhanced my skills and knowledge in curriculum development, best education practices and creating courses that meet the needs of diverse audiences. I have a Masters of Education, as well as practical expertise in online course development. I have  extensive training and education skills and knowledge and I also love helping and supporting others to create their very own online courses.
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