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Are there areas of your life that you wish had more time to sort out?

Or do you wish that you felt better about your relationships, finances, health and/or wellbeing?

The truth is - many of us find that our life is out of balance. In this course we will explore YOUR Life Wheel, determine where things are out of balance and develop tools and strategies for you to develop a more balanced life!

This course consists of videos as well as a 1-1 coaching session with Kay. Feedback from previous course participants included comments such as "What do I do next?" and "I wish I had someone who could give me feedback on what I am doding!" So ... you now have the opportunity to book a complimentary session - see the bonus "Coaching" lesson for more details!

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5 Lessons in Life Balance 1hr:

Introduction & Welcome

Introduce the Life Balance Course!

About this course

Life Balance

Complete YOUR Life Balance Wheel

Coaching call

Book a session with Kay