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Motivation - what does it mean? 
How can I motivate myself and my clients? 
What can I do if my clients don't follow what they are supposed to do?
These questions, and more, will be answered in this course "Motivation "

8 Lessons

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8 Lessons in Motivation 1hr:

Introduction & Welcome

Welcome and what the course is about!

Part 1 - what is motivation?

Discuss motivation and how I can use it with my myself, colleagues and clients

Part 2 - RULE

Part 3 - Stages of Change

Explore the change cycle and apply it yur own life!

Part 4 - Motivation Grid

Explore the Motivation Grid and explain why some people just don't want to change!

Part 5 - Spirit of Motivation

Motivational Interviewing helps you to support others to change by utiling a range of tools and techniques.

Part 6 - Goals

To set achievable goals that are more likely to be reached!

What's next!

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