Secrets of Success 1hr

Many of us want to be successful - the secret to success is to decide on what success looks like for you and then plan to achieve it! In this course we will explore what success is and then use the "5 Laws of Success" to develop strategies for building success!

10 Lessons

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10 Lessons in Secrets of Success 1hr:

Introduction & Welcome!

Deciding to be successful!

1. What is success?

Define success and apply it to YOUR life!

2. Being successful

What does it mean to be successful?

3. Laws of success

How the Laws of Success apply to YOU!

4. Law of Desire

How does 'desire' relate to your success?

5. Law of Belief

Does "believe and it will come" really work?

6. Law of Attitude

Changing your attitude to achieve success!

7. Law of Persistence

Keep on and don't give up!

8. Law of Goal Setting

Setting achievable goals that are more likely to be reached!

Secrets of Success recap

What we covered!