Stress 1hr Watch Preview

What is stress?
How stressed am I?

What can I do about stress?

These and many questions are asnwered in this program on "stress!"

So, let's jump in and find out what stress is and how you can mange it with easy to use tools and strategies!

8 Lessons

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8 Lessons in Stress 1hr:

Introduction & Welcome!

Welcome to "Stress" - a course which explores what stress is and demonstrates some easyways to deal with stress!

What is Stress?

Define stress and explore how stress affects YOU!

Did you know?

There are many myths about stress - here we identify what the research actually says about stress!

Work and stress

Work causes stress - let's identfy the extent that work affects YOUR stress levels!

Stress and you!

How does stress affect YOU?

Effects of stress

Identify and deal with the effects of stress!

Stress busters

Identify and deal with the effects of stress!

The finish line!

Congratulations - you've reached the finish line!