Being YOU!

Being YOU!

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Do you always do what you’ve been told? Or are you someone who finds that they need to do it differently? There are so many gurus and experts out there telling you what you “should” do to set up your business, get more clients, or make more money! And, let’s face it, some of this so-called advice just doesn’t work.

These experts are really telling you what worked for them – and unless you are a clone of them and you are in exactly the same business, with the same challenges, then their advice might not be the right thing for YOU! It can be daunting to go against what everyone else is doing and being told that you need to do it the “right” way!

I started out as a kid who always did what she was told, but as I grew up, I found myself rebelling against the “norm” – I didn’t want to be like everyone else and it was hard to be “different”. As an adult, I had the same issue – I remember being offered a job with a great salary and benefits and I was really tempted to take it. All my friends told me what a great opportunity it was and that I’d be crazy if I didn’t jump at the opportunity. But it didn’t feel right. I sat down and thought about it. Was I hesitant because I wasn’t sure that I could do it? Or was it that it just wasn’t right for me. This new job was in the “Corporate Sector”, and after a lot of inner work I knew it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t the business executive, in a business suit, make-up and high heels – I realised that I would be trying to be somebody that I wasn’t. So … I said “no”! And, in saying “no” to that job, I was also saying “no” to trying to be someone that I’m not. That was freeing for me!

Looking back, I have often said “no” to trying to fit into something that other people think that I should. And saying “no” has opened up the space to saying “yes” to who I am! For me, that is being the rebel – standing up for who I am!

Are you also a bit of a rebel? Would you like to learn more about being a rebel? If yes, then let have a chat about finding YOU and saying YES to livingin YOUR life!

This is for you if;

  • you do things differently!

  • you feel that people “don’t get you!

  • Or you sometimes feel like you are a bit of a rebel? You don’t always follow the “rules” or do what the experts tell you! You don’t always “fit in”!

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Live YOUR Life!